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Go the Bulls in 2022!

A very successful 2022 both on and off the greens

The past year has been very successful both on and off the greens! On the greens we have cemented our place as one of the top bowling clubs in Australia and flagship venue for hosting both national and international competitions. Our Ladies won another State Number 1 Pennant Flag, making it an amazing six out of seven years. Our Men’s pennant teams made all six pennant finals winning four flags and in the premier league our A’s won the grand final for the second year in a row whilst the premier league team sadly lost the grand final for the second year in a row.


Our Broadbeach players have dominated the bowls' year. Aron Sherriff and Kelsey Cottrell won both Australian Open Singles. Kelsey also won the fours and tournament MVP. Kelsey & Nick Cahill ended the year as Australia’s Number 1 Ranked Bowlers. Sean Ingham & Aron Sherriff won the Australian Pairs. Aron Sherriff & Nick Cahill won the Australian Triples. Kelsey Cottrell & Cassandra Millerick won the Australian Pairs. In the State Championships Nick Cahill & Kelsey Cottrell won the Mixed Pairs. Also Nick Cahill & Aron Sherriff won the State Triples. Serena Bonnell won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games. Ryan Bester also represented Canada at the games.


The club also ran the biggest tournaments in Queensland & Australia. We successfully hosted the District Sides, State Championships, Australian Open & Australian Champion of Champion Singles and Australian Titles. We ran our own tournaments which included the Seaside Triples, Woman’s Prestige Pairs, Blue Ribbon Pairs, Blue Diamond Pairs & Matador Fours.


We had a record amount of entries in our club championships this year which was great to see so many of our new players joining in the club championships.I would like to thank all our volunteers who have made all these events possible. Markers and scoreboard attendants for the Australian Open. 


I would like to thank Peter Lambert, Dennis Margan & Christina Pavlov for all the help during every tournament making sure there are no hiccups. All our members who help with the social bowls during the week doing the cards. The Bowls Committee and the Board of Management who put bowls first and always supporting the bowls.


Next year will be just as busy with all the tournaments plus the biggest tournament in the World, with the World Championships being held at the club in 2023.


Club Championships
  • Singles Champion: Aron Sherriff

  • Pairs Champions: Chris Lanham, Sean Ingham

  • Triples Champions: Terry Griffiths, Noel Hodges, Sean Ingham

  • Fours Champions: Michael Bretherton, Andrew Todd, Mitchell Mears, Sean Ingham

  • Mixed Pairs: David Munt, Kelsey Cottrell

  • B Grade Singles: Kevin Hasan

  • B Grade Pairs: Patrick Barton, Noel Hodges

  • Ladies Singles Champion: Karen Goldsworthy

  • Ladies Pairs Champions: Heather Hodgson, Gail WaitaiLadies 

  • Triples Champions: Olivia Bunchin, Gene Nagy, Gail Waitai 

  • Ladies Fours Champions: Karen Goldsworthy, Rachel Davies, Kelsey Cottrell, Bolivia Millerick 

  • Ladies B Grade Singles: Vikki Grenot


Special Achievements
  • Commonwealth Games Silver Medal: Serena Bonnell 

  • Australian Open Singles: Aron Sheriff

  • Australian Open Singles: Kelsey Cottrell

  • Australian Open Fours: Kelsey Cottrell

  • Australian Open MVP: Kelsey Cottrell

  • Australian Pairs: Sean Ingham, Aron Sherriff 

  • Australian Triples: Nick Cahill, Aron Sherriff 

  • Australian Pairs: Cassandra Millerick, Kelsey Cottrell 

  • State Mixed Pairs: Nick Cahill, Kelsey Cottrell

  • State Fours: Val Jackson, Anne McClure

  • State Pairs: Tilly Orero

  • State Triples: Nick Cahill, Aron Sherriff

  • State Junior Triples: Sam Collier

  • Ladies State Pennant Division 1

  • Men’s Pennant Division 3, 5, 9 & 10

  • Premier League “A” Champions

  • Pine Rivers Turkey Triples: Ryan Bester

  • Coolum $10000 Pairs: Ryan Bester

  • Blue Diamond Pairs: Aron Sherriff, Sean Ingham 

  • Matador Fours: Nick Cahill

  • BPL 15 & 16 MVP Aron Sherriff


Broadbeach Bulls 2021

Broadbeach Bulls have another Incredible Bowls Year

The Broadbeach Bulls have had their best bowls season to date.


The club, which has attracted a lot of new members & bowlers over the past year has just had their most successful pennant season in history.


The club won Division 1 Ladies Pennant for the sixth time in seven years.

The men had six Pennant teams and all made the Grand Final. Sadly, Divisions 1 & 2 lost the Grand Finals to very strong Helensvale sides whilst Divisions 3, 5, 9 & 10 all won the Premiership. The Pennant season comes off the end of the Premier League which finished in March. The Premier League has 14 of the best clubs in South East Queensland compete. The club lost the Grand Final in the top side and won the Premiership in the “A’s”.

The club participated in nine events in total and made nine Grand Finals - Winning six of them! The atmosphere at the club was of jubilation and friendship on the Sunday after the finals. All members came back to celebrate as one unified club. Bowls Co-ordinator Ryan Bester had this to say about the clubs success.


“It has been a great year for all members. We have welcomed players from other clubs and have had many new bowlers play in the pennants for the first season. It was very gratifying to see the smile on their faces coming back after winning.  The club has a great culture at the moment and everyone is cheering for each other”

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