Broadbeach Bowls Club offers a full restaurant menu with range of weekly specials and sharing platters


Natural oysters 

Au naturel with choice of lemon, worcestershire sauce or tabasco

  • 1/2 dozen .........$18.50

  • dozen  ...........$29.00

garlic prawns 

Six succulent tiger prawns cooked in garlic butter and served on a bed of fluffy rice


garlic pizza bread 

Garlic, olive oil and cheese


Haloumi fries 

Served with Chilli & Tomato Relish 


Vegetarian spring rolls 

Four crunchy Asian spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce


oysters kilpatrick 

Topped with smokey bacon, this classic oyster dish is the ultimate aphrodisiac

  • 1/2 dozen .........$19.50

  • dozen  ...........$35.00

peri peri marinated
chicken wings

Three gloriously sticky spicy chicken wings


House bruschetta 

Grilled bread rubbed with garlic and olive oil, topped with freshly chopped tomato and basil


onion rings 

Crispy fried onion rings with cheese sauce


Cauliflower & cheese croquettes 

Three deep fried morsels served with a tangy onion jam



Cone of chips 

Deliciously crunchy double-fried chips


fresh garden salad 
  • small .............$6.00

  • large  ............$10.50

chunky potato wedges 

Served with sweet chilli and sour cream


Dinner roll 

Served with sweet chilli and sour cream



All burgers are served with a side of crispy chips


Bulls steak sandwich 

Sizzling steak served with fried egg, bacon, beetroot and salad


grilled chicken burger 

Grilled chicken breast, bacon, salad and caramelised onion


homemade veggie burger 

Delicious vegetarian option served with 'THE LOT' salad, egg and sweet chilli sauce


matador burger 

Homemade pork & beef patty topped with 'THE LOT' bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese, jalapeños, onion rings & Matador sauce 


greek lamb burger 

Juicy minced lamb patty with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese and tzatziki


Vegan Burger 

Homemade chickpea patty, served with 'THE LOT' salad and vegan mayonnaise



Salt & Pepper calamari 

Flash fried until succulent and served with a lemon wedge, tartare sauce and crispy chips


crispy beer battered flathead 

Crunchy and tender flathead fillets served with chips and salad​


Thai beef salad 

Perfectly grilled strips of marinated beef on a Thai-style salad​ with crispy noodles


'the curry pot' 

Traditional Indian Vindaloo curry served with fluffy basmati rice, roti bread and cashews

  • lamb ...............$26.00

  • vegetarian ............$20.00

chicken schnitzel 

Tenderised and thinned chicken breast, crumbed and deep fried, served with chips and salad garnish​


scotch eye fillet 

Grass fed Scottish eye fillet, cooked to your liking, and served with our double-fried chips and a salad garnish


Garlic prawns 

Ten grilled tiger prawns served on a bed of fluffy rice and broccolini


Crispy skin Tasmanian salmon 

Succulent salmon fillet with crispy skin served on a bed of creamy mash with steamed broccolini and Hollandaise sauce


Caesar salad 

Classic Caesar salad with crispy bacon, croutons, fresh poached egg and Parmesan - anchovies optional


  • add chicken ............$6.90

Chicken parmi 

The Aussie classic! Crumbed chicken breast with our unique Napoli sauce and cheese all served with chips and a salad garnish

  • small ...............$18.50

  • large ...............$23.90

Select either pineapple, jalapeños
or olives as topping ..........$4.00

beef schnitzel 

Tenderised and thinned beef steak, crumbed and deep fried, served with crispy chips and salad garnish​


"big bulls" rump steak 

Can you do it? Our 700g grain fed rump steak served with our classic fries and a salad garnish and your choice of sauce 


Additional Gravy, Mushroom, 
Black Peppercorn or Diane  .....2.00

pasta of the day - $19

Check out our Specials Board for full details of all our delicious pasta dishes



Why not try one of our delicious 'hand stretched' 11" pizzas.


Available to EAT IN or TAKEAWAY


garlic pizza bread 

Garlic, olive oil and sprinkled with cheese




Napoli sauce, garlic, olives, anchovies and cheese



Napoli sauce, ground beef, ham, chicken mild pepperoni, onion and cheese



Napoli sauce, ham, mushrooms, olives and cheese



Napoli sauce, mushrooms, pineapple, garlic, onion, olives, jalapeños and cheese




A touch of the lot!



Napoli sauce, oregano and cheese




Napoli sauce, ham, pineapple and cheese


BBQ Chicken 

BBQ sauce, chicken, onion, mushroom and cheese



Napoli sauce, with your choice of mild or hot pepperoni and cheese


The inferno 

Napoli sauce, hot pepperoni, onion, capsicum, chilli, jalapeños, Sriracha chilli sauce and cheese


  • per item  .............$2.00

  • gluten free base   ........$3.00

  • vegan cheese  ..........$5.00

specials & sharing

Throughout the week Matadors offers a range of daily specials as well as sharing platters featuring a sample mix of some of our club favourites


t-bone Tuesday 


T-bone steak cooked to your liking and served with chips and salad


  • extra gravy ............$2.00

Roast of the day 

Available Thurs - Sun for dinner - selection of chicken, beef or pork (choice of 2) served with fresh seasonal vegetables

  • regular .............$17.90

  • large  ..............$19.50

wow it's wednesday 


Your choice of pizza or pasta from the Specials Board


Seafood boat (serves 2) 

Combination of flash fried salt and pepper calamari, oysters natural and Kilpatrick, fresh salmon, flathead, prawns of the day, garlic pizza bread served with salad and our delicious crispy fries


tapas (serves 2) 

Combination of prawns of the day, smoky chorizo, chicken wings (2), flash fried salt and pepper calamari, oyster natural (4), oysters Kilpatrick (4) and garlic pizza bread


For the kids - $11

FEEDING THE FAMILY? Choose from our special mini-sized meals for your little monsters


Ham & Cheese Pizza
Chicken Breast Nuggets & Chips
Fish & Chips
Chicken Schnitzel & Chips
100g Rib Fillet & Chips


We offer a selection of sandwiches, pies and drinks available all day.


fresh sandwich 

Matadors offers a choice of fresh sandwiches - check the chilled display for today's selection



Toasted sandwich 

Choose from ham,
cheese and tomato



hot pies 

Classic Aussie meat pie


Add chips



coffee                   $4.50 
  • Options: Decaf, Soy, Mug .. 50c ea

affogato              $7.00 

Espresso and ice-cream

  • Choice of liqueur  .......$12.00

  • Baileys, Frangelico, Drambuie,
    Tia Maria or Kahlua

Pot of tea                $4.00
hot chocolate         $4.50
chai                          $4.50
milkshake                 $5.00
thickshake               $6.00
spider                       $5.00



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