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want to Feel the grass grow under your feet? try Barefoot Bowls!
Broadbeach Bowls Club Barefoot Bowls

Barefoot bowls is an Aussie staple loved by young and old alike and suitable for any fitness level! The shoe free game is ideal for team building, get-togethers, parties, corporate social events, and bridal shower celebrations. All we ask is that you follow our simple and friendly barefoot bowling instructions and you’re good to go.


Great value at just $10 per person for a 2 hour bowling session! Round-up your mates for a game and a drink any day of the week. Combine our bowls packages with a yummy platter of finger food or a BBQ for the perfect get-together. Please ensure that everyone pays at the bar prior to starting play.

With up to 56 players able to play at once, across four championship floodlit greens, Broadbeach Bowls Club is the perfect place to get competitive with work mates or celebrate with friends! 

Broadbeach Bowls Club, Barefoot Bowls, Celebrate with Mates

Whatever the event Broadbeach Bowls Club offers a range of catering options to suit. Simply choose from one or more of our menus. 

Barefoot Bowls Rules

The 'HOUSE' Rules

The following house rules apply when playing social and corporate bowls:


1. Bare feet or flat soled shoes/thongs only

However, we do ask that footwear is worn at all other times in the Clubhouse


2. No food or drinks allowed on the green

Food and drinks are not permitted on the green at anytime, even when walking to the other end. If you wish to take your drink to the other end, please walk round the green. Refreshments are allowed in the sun-shaded seating around the green and must be purchased inside the club.

3. Don’t sit on the ditches

If you require a seat please use benches and sun-shaded seating around the green.

4. Correct delivery of bowl

Remember to roll the bowl along the ground at all times. Do not under any circumstances throw the bowls as this will damage the green; anyone caught throwing a bowl above knee height will be removed from the green immediately. The co-ordinator for the day will show you how to correctly deliver a bowl.

  • The object of the game is to get as close to the jack as possible.

  • Play in both directions.

  • Place the mat and jack in the middle of the rink in line with the number before every end.

  • Look for the smallest circle on every bowl, that’s the side the bowl will bend towards.

  • All players must stand on the mat with both feet before delivering the bowl.

  • Right handed players step out with their left foot, left hand players step out with their right foot.

6. Children

Children under 14 must be supervised at all times. Don’t let them play in the sand, there’s a huge beach just across the road for that. Participants aged 9 years and under are not permitted to play. Children aged 9-12 years can play (as covered by Insurance) bowls $5pp. Junior bowls are available for use on the grassed area out back for children under 9 years.  


7. Smoking  

Smokers are asked to use designated smoking areas only; this helps ensure the safety of others and also the quality of our greens. Please ask staff for the location of our DOSA.

8. Lastly, Enjoy your time here at Broadbeach Bowls Club!

If you're looking for an outdoor sport that blends well with parties, drinking, music and a mix of fun, then barefoot bowls is the game for you.

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