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Broadbeach Bowling Club, Club history
Mr T Strachan opened the Broadbeach bowls club on march 20, 1954

Broadbeach Bowls Club has played an integral part in local community's social life for over 65 years and boasts a large social membership as well as having a very successful and well supported professional team the Broadbeach Bulls

For all those who wish to get out there and support the Broadbeach Bulls we offer a range of Bulls merchandise.


Broadbeach Bowls Club is a host venue for the 2018 Commonwealth Games

May 16

The club undergoes a major upgrade completed in May 2016 including enhancements to the four international standard bowling greens, the clubhouse and surroundings in preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games


Broadbeach Bowls Club is announced as an official host venue for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. In preparation for which major upgrades are proposed to the clubhouse, greens and surrounding facilities.


In 2005 the local and State Governments agree to extend the Club’s trustee lease (due to expire on 30 June)

Mar 54

On Saturday 20 March 1954 The Broadbeach Bowling Club was officially opened by Mr T Strachan, past president of the QBA, who bowled the first bowl. The grounds were decorated with bright streamers, coloured flags and tubs of ferns and palms for the festive occasion. 

Jan 54

The Broadbeach Lady Bowlers Club was formed at a meeting held on Sunday 31 January 1954. Mrs V Thurecht agreed to act as president of the temporary committee, Mrs J Gemmell became the vice president and Mrs J Allan took the role of treasurer.

Nov 53

The fencing, painting and landscaping was  completed mainly by club members volunteering time and labour and by November 1953 the green was considered in a fit state for play. Members were invited to test the ground and play continued over Christmas and into New Year 1954

Jul 52

The committee resolved to raise £3000 by a debenture issue to cover construction costs and the purchase of equipment. The construction of a club house was viewed as a priority as this would provide an important source of revenue for the fledgling organisation.

May 52

The laying down of the green took seven months and cost £1,333/10. Mr C H Williams supervised the laying down while Mr J Gemmell was green director and M N Carey green keeper.

Sep 51

On Sunday 7 September 1951, at a meeting of Queensland Bowling Association (QBA) and around 20 members, the Broadbeach Bowling Club was officially launched. It was announced a lease had been arranged with South Coast Town Council for a 1½  acre land parcel for 21 years at £15/annum.

Jun 51

Discussions with officials from the Queensland Bowling Association regarding the construction of the green as particular care would be required to build on the club’s sandy foundation ground.

may 51

Saturday 26 May, the Broadbeach Bowling club was formed; members were elected to a provisional committee. Mr J. Bigelow was elected provisional chairman and Mr J. Foggitt honourable secretary. 

mar 51

The formation of a bowling club is first discussed by Broadbeach Development Association

FEB 46

In February 1946 an application was made for a small block of land to be set aside for the construction of a bowling green.


A twelve acre parcel of land is formally set aside for camping and recreational activities and Broadbeach Recreation Reserve is created; today it is the site of several community facilities

Broadbeach Bulls


Broadbeach Bulls have a long and successful history of bowls on the Gold Coast. The Broadbeach Bowls Club is a popular destination for bowlers from all over the World, who come to play on our four world class championship greens as well as enjoy the recently renovated club facilities. The hosting of the 2020 World Championships Broadbeach Bowls Club will make Broadbeach the only club in the world to have hosted the two biggest global bowls events - the Commonwealth Games 2018 and the World Championships.  The club is also known for hosting big international events such as the World Under-25 Championships, The Australian Open, The “Nationals”, as well as many State and district competitions. 


On the greens the Broadbeach Bulls team has become one of the best in Australia with our ladies team winning four Division 1 pennants in five years and, not to be out done our men have won two State pennants as well as the 2017 Premier league and the Helensvale 5-a-side. 

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