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APRIL 2021

18 Apr 2021

Congratulations to Heather Hodgson & Gail Waitai Club Champions in the Ladies Pairs; while Bulls have another strong showing in the Premier League

March and the start of April has been very busy with the finishing of Premier League and the last few rounds of Premier 7’s. The Premier League went extremely well, with both teams making the grand final, the A's winning the premiership (defeating Ennoggera) and the top team coming second to Pine Rivers. It showed a great effort from all involved as this was possibly the hardest year of the competition. Indeed, over the past five seasons the Club has put in a consistently strong performance with the top team coming 1st, 4th, 6th, 3rd and 2nd; whilst the A’s have come 2nd, 1st, 4th, 3rd and 1st - a testament to how strong the club has been over the past five years.

The Premier 7’s have just finished this past weekend and we're waiting for the results for the playoffs. Every grade went very well. Division 1 were playing many teams with that being their respective clubs highest grades. Division 6 had a lot of new players which was great to get them a game in the competition and bodes well for the future of the club with so many people playing for the club. Division 3-5 have very good chances of making the playoffs.

The club is hosting the Broadbeach 5-a-Side at the end of August and start of September. I feel this is the best tournament in the World. The club hosted this event 2 years ago and Chairman Barry Gilbert said the club made a good profit. It is great exposure for the club and keeps us as the “home of bowls’ in Australia and the World.

The Blue Diamond Pairs is filling up fast with many top players entering. Clubs are hosting qualifiers for the Blue Opal and we think we will be close to getting the 64 entrants.

Social bowls is going great still. We will start a Saturday morning social pairs to enable players to play on the weekend after Premier 7’s and until the Australian Open and Pennant start.

Club Championships are continuing with the Men’s pairs event down to the final after today. Heather Hodgson & Gail Waitai won the Ladies Pairs.

Wednesday night bowls has finished after 5 months of games. It was well attended and will start up again in October/November.

The greens are all running very well. Thank you to Jeff Watkins for helping out on the roller. The club is looking to employ someone for 15-20 hours on the greens to help with the full schedule ahead including the Australian Open and our busy social period.

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