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Our policies & Protocols


From 14 October 2022, it will no longer be mandatory to self-isolate at home if you test positive to COVID-19. Queensland Health strongly recommends people who are sick or who have tested positive to COVID-19:

  • stay home to isolate until your symptoms resolve

  • avoid entering hospitals, residential aged care facilities and hospitals for at least 7 days and only when you no longer have any symptoms

  • wear a face mask when in an indoor setting and when unable to physically distance outside for at least 10 days after testing positive to COVID-19.

In line with this advice, we reserve the right to choose to put in place additional requirements or conditions for staff and visitors to mitigate risk of COVID-19 transmission in the Club.

In accordance with State legislation we have completed our Work Health and Safety Plan for COVID-19 and done a comprehensive review of all our existing health and safety procedures to ensure that we are fully prepared to be open to the public.

We have adopted a hierarchy of controls to mitigate against the introduction and spread of COVID-19, including:

  • workers self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms and not attending work if they have tested positive

  • promoting basic transmission prevention or reduction measures such as personal hygiene practices, physical distancing and ventilation

  • effective and timely communication about COVID-19 and ongoing workplace safety training

  • promoting application of standard and transmission-based precautions through education and training

As part of our procedures we thoroughly clean all touch surfaces and all our kitchen, bar and front-of-house staff have been comprehensively trained in COVID-safe practices and protocols. They are regularly briefed on changes to current State guidelines in regards to restrictions as well as the requirements and recommendations by stakeholders. 

Dining In

Our full menu is available for LUNCH (Mon-Fri: 11.30am-2.00pm and Sat/Sun: 11.30am-2.30pm) and DINNER  (Mon-Sun: 5.30pm-8.00pm). Menus are posted on noticeboards for your perusal and selection - for ease we would recommend taking a look at our menu prior to your visit. We prefer contactless payment if possible. 

How you can help

To help stop the spread of Coronavirus, we support good hygiene practices

Hand washing facilities and alcohol-based hand sanitisers are located throughout the dining and common areas of the venue (both inside and out) as well as at entry and exit points. These are supported by a range of Government advice and information posters around the venue reminding patrons about practicing proper hygiene and hand washing - TOGETHER WE CAN HELP STOP THE SPREAD AND STAY HEALTHY

Keeping your distance

Help stop the spread of Coronavirus by keeping your distance. remember, don't shake hands or exchange physical greetings.  Where possible stay 1.5m apart and practise good hand hygiene, especially after being public places. 

For more information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) visit

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